Kure Mountains National Park was established as a national park in 2000. The park is located in the Black Sea Region, between Kastamonu and Bartin. Kure Mountains extend 300 kilometers from the west bank of the Bartin River to the east bank of the Kizilirmak River. The mountain range, also known as the Isfendiyar Mountains, borders the Black Sea on the north and Gokirmak on the south.

State authorities, charity organizations, and local residents have been working together to protect nature and traditional lifestyles and maintain sustainability. With its buffer zone and high level of local involvement in environmental conservation, the national park has become one of Turkey's most compelling examples of nature preservation and natural resource management. 

Kure Mountains National Park ranks high on the list of global and national destinations to visit before you die. It is now ready for you to see the narrative of the four seasons. 

The Kure Mountains are renowned not only for the richness of their flora and fauna but also for the diversity of these species habitats. In addition to its biological riches, Küre's habitat and terrain richness, natural woodlands, caverns, canyons, waterfalls, geological characteristics, traditional culture, and agriculture are more than adequate to fulfill the national park standards. 

There are Azdavay, Pınarbaşı, Ulus, Bartın, Kurucaşile, Amasra and Cide administrations around the national park. Animals living in the park include deer, roe deer, bears, wolves, foxes, jackals, rabbits, wild boars, songbirds, raptors, and reptiles.

Natural old forests, exploring biodiversity and wildlife, geological and geomorphological formations, cultural, and archaeological remains. 

Ulukaya Waterfall, Uluyayla, Kemerli Cave, Valla Canyon, Horma Canyon, Catak Canyon, Ilgarini Cave, Aydos Canyon, Ilica Waterfall, hiking and trekking.


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