Küre Mountain House is a family business located in Küre Mountains National Park. The hotel is located right next to a stream formed by spring water, at the foot of Küre Mountains. WHO ARE WE We are one of the many couples who have searched for different ways out while struggling to survive in the chaos and intense pace of Istanbul. We decided that we did not want to raise him in Istanbul at a time when we wanted to have a child. We were lucky because one of our family lived in this natural wonder, and instead of waiting for retirement, we launched the Küre Mountain House in April 2014 with the support of our families in a short time. Two weeks later, our daughter was born :) Küre Mountain House is our home, and everyone who comes here is our guest, and we offer a stay in the comfort of a hotel but at home. Many things that happen in city hotels are not here, of course, but clean and modern rooms, constant hot water, an idyllic nature, cute and friendly dogs and cats, chickens, ducks, bugs, a garden, and homemade products and laughs. we have a face. If you really love nature and see it as a whole with all living things in it, you will love it here. You can have a peaceful holiday in Küre Mountain House, which has a unique beauty where you can slow down your life rhythm.